As a Registered, Board Certified Art Therapy Counselor, I offer you the following services:
I am available throughout the State of Ohio:                        

  • Wednesday and Saturday 9am-10pm, other days as requested.

My licensed services provided at your place of business or private home:                      

  • Individual art therapy counseling services, including assessments if desired
  • Group art therapy counseling services

What are some art methods used in art therapy?

Methods such as drawing, painting, beads, jewelry, photography, fabric, paper-making, and clay building are used to provide individuals the opportunity to explore personal difficulties and potentials through verbal and non-verbal expression and communication. 
Art therapy sessions are a confidential, non-threatening place to relax, have fun, and feel free to share personal thoughts. In our open-studio environment, there is a quick introduction of the day's topic, the creation process, sharing your image with others and what the image may mean to you, followed by a closure of identifying themes. 
Discussion is encouraged, as this increases an individual’s ability to relate with others in positive, supportive ways. All sessions have specific goals and are documented. Individual sessions include accepted testing if desired.  

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